From Badr International comes the long-awaited series,  Animated Stories of Islam relating some of the great  stories of Islam that took place before, during and after  Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Following the highly  acclaimed theatrical and popular home video release of  it's stunning animated feature film MUHAMMADP.B.U.H. The Last Prophet,  Badr International caps it off with  three captivating animated films highlighting significant  events before the birth of the Prophet and bringing to  light the stories of remarkable men and women who left  shining imprints on the early days of Islam.  Before the Light: From Zamzam to the year of the  elephant, Great Women of Islam: At the Time of the  Prophet, and Salman the Persian: The Truth Seeker   make up the three pivotal stories in the Animated  Stories of Islam series. Directed by Disney veteran  Richard Rich and with music by the Emmy-award  winning composer William Kidd, these films perfectly  complement the stunning movie of all times:  MUHAMMADP.B.U.H. The Last Prophet. Watch the trailer. The first animated feature film about Islam’s Prophet; MUHAMMAD P.B.U.H.. The movie aims to  introduce the story of Islam and its Prophet to new generations in the appealing and accessible  medium of animation. Though the Prophet is not personified, sound and cinematography are  employed in the telling of his story. The film is directed by Disney veteran Richard Rich, the  creator of The King and I, The Fox and the Hound, as well as The Swan Princess and is capped  off with a stunning soundtrack by Emmy-award winning composer William Kidd. The film is now  available to own on DVD. Click here to watch trailer.  "Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) The Last Prophet" is, in its way, a triumph of globalization, a polished, Western-style entertainment about a distinctly non-Western subject. Its message, like the Abyssinian king's, is finally one of reconciliation: We're not as different as we seem.”  -The New York Times Special Promotion 2 for $30.00 Go shopping. Click here.  Before the Light is the first film in the 3-part series, relates significant events that took place before the birth of Prophet  Muhammad (PBUH). It is a story of miracles - the miraculous discovery of the well of zamzam, and then, centuries later, the  miracle of its rediscovery by the Prophet's grandfather Abdulmuttaleb; the miracle of his father Abdullah's life; and finally, the  miracle during the Year of the Elephant, the year the Prophet (PBUH) was born. These miraculous stories - all works of God -  prepared the way for the message of Islam to shine bright during Muhammad's Prophethood, and for centuries to come.  
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