Fine Media Group (FMG) was established in August 2000 with the mission of  providing quality animated feature films and educational instructional videos.  To carry out this mission, FMG gives considerable attention to the quality of its  productions in order to match or exceed mainstream entertainment industry  standards. FMG’s first release, The Jar: A Tale from the East set the stage for all  future releases with its stunning animation. The worldwide appeal of The Jar   was immediately recognized, gaining widespread recognition in North  America, Europe and the Middle East. The Jar received honors and awards in  several international film festivals and received outstanding feedback from  parents, teachers, librarians and most importantly, children. The Jar received  rave reviews and endorsements from several well-known establishments,  including The Film Advisory Board in Hollywood, California, The Dove  Foundation, and The Coalition for Quality Children Media (KidsFirst!®). All  subsequent releases of FMG have received similar recognitions and awards  at different film festivals.  Fine Media Group continues to strive to meet the needs and demands of our  customers for quality wholesome entertainment. We truly appreciate all the  support and feedback we have been receiving from our wonderful customers.  We are proud of our accomplishment and committed to continue to bring to  our children the joy of today and the hope of tomorrow.   Home Preview Theater Products Coming Soon Shope online About Us Contact Us Guestbook News & Awards School Corner Video Clips Promotions * * * *