The Jar A Tale from The East received several awards  from national and international film festivals:  The Jar won the Children’s Jury Prize at the 9th Cairo  International Film Festival, Cairo, Egypt.   Also, the Jar took first place at the Santa Clarita  International Filmf Festival. Shortly after that, it won the  Best Animation Feature Film Award at the Burbank  International Children Film Festival in California, USA.  The Jar continued to receive awards and endorsements  at numerous film festivals and from prominenat  organizations such as the Dove Foundation, the  Coalition for Quality Children’s Media, and the Film  Advisory Board in Hollywood, California.  Fabels of Bah Ya Bah received  the Best Children’s Film award at  the New York International  Independent Film and Video  Festival, April 2003.  Fables of Bah Ya Bah 2  received  the Director’s Gold Award at the 10th   Annual International Family Film  Festival in Santa Clarita, California,  USA, April 23-29, 2004.  . Home Preview Theater Products Coming Soon Shope online About Us Contact Us Guestbook News & Awards School Corner Video Clips Promotions * * * *